Edapt Technologies
Adaptive Educational Solutions

To make efficient, sustainable education available to every person worldwide.

At Edapt Technologies, we believe that education pays the highest dividends in our future. We also believe that the time is right for innovations in computational technology, pedagogy, and business to make excellent education available sustainably to those who would most benefit from it.

Our Story

Edapt Technologies was founded in 2019 by (S)am. We are actively developing prototypes of apps to improve the efficiency of assessment, instruction, and review using machine learning.

Cultural Values All learning starts with humility. Communication creates consensus. We create win-win solutions.
Our Services

In addition to our apps (read more below), we offer consulting services in education. We specialize in applying research-backed pedagogical principles and computational technology to novel educational problems.

quizi.us is a tool for generating and administering automatically graded assessments made of both student and instructor written questions and answers. These assessments are adaptive, only asking questions that the system estimates will be most useful for each student. quizi.us also gives detailed student and class-level insights to the instructor and makes specific pedagogical recommendations.

study.coach is a free app that makes studying more effective. It combines scientifically proven techniques like spaced repetition, interleaved practice, multi-sensory encoding, and active recall to give fun and focused studying in only 5 minutes. It personalizes each learner's experience so that they learn more, faster. Teachers can use study.coach to automatically create micro-assignments involving vocabulary, problem-solving, or concept application, and it can report at any time which students know what material.

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